Top 5 Underrated Da Vinci Paintings

Art has been instrumental in creating and destroying narratives. It has been at the center of debates, arguments, and an insatiable passion to delve and discover more.

Leonardo Da Vinci is a name to reckon with in the art world. His mastery of the sfumato technique and ability to create mesmerizing and realistic artwork put him on a pedestal.

However, like every artist, there has been some work of Leonardo that has been underappreciated and underrated. Here are some of the noteworthy Leonardo Da Vinci paintings that are masterpieces.

Annunciation (Annunciazione)


Since this painting was made in the 14th century by the young Da Vinci, he wasn’t even credited for the artwork. This masterpiece was only known in the Italian circles in Florence and did not get the international recognition it deserved, other than a controversy that led to the painting being loaned to Japan.

The depiction of the wings on the angel gives an impression of a real bird’s wings which were placed on the angel. The halo around the Virgin Mary and glow on the face shows the radiance and purity of her presence. The marble desk is a reference to the scripture in front of her.

The presence of the Virgin Mary in the house can perfectly adorn the living room of households. It imbibes a sense of purity and trust amongst house members and guests.

The Battle of Anghiari (detail) 1503-05

This painting is also known as “the lost Leonardo” since the original is considered lost. It is a beautiful capture of the Battle of Anghiari and was discussed worldwide; however, it still did not get its due and international acclaim. Leonardo’s efforts to capture the men at battle via sketches were eventually considered incomplete.

The attempt to capture four men at the battle to regain the flag with the use of shades and smudges shows the real power struggles. It illuminates the mood of the soldiers in the battle. The overlap of characters is an attempt to show chaos which is captured beautifully.

A reproduced artwork of this painting will bolster the family relations and install patriotic sentiments in the house. It will add life to the empty walls. 1st art gallery can provide this oil-form painting as made-to-order and with on-time delivery.   

The Madonna of the Carnation 1478-80

Another of Leonardo’s work which wasn’t credited to him during his internship days is The Madonna of the Carnation or the virgin with flower. Made during his 20s, the painting came to prominence a century later and mostly in the European art circles.

The unassuming Mary looking away from baby Jesus captures the essence of the mother-son relationship. The contrast of the background colors and the characters in the picture show divinity in the house.

Since this masterpiece was originally made in oil paint form, a reproduction of the same using the same material will bring out the glow on the characters and hence bring joy to the house. It will help the owners with a sense of calm and serenity.   

The Adoration of the Magi

Since this painting wasn’t completed by Da Vinci, it never got its due adulation. Leonardo did capture the reverence of Lord Jesus Christ, the faith and worship by the magi and the people around the neighborhood.

The detailed work by Da Vinci on the buildings shows the medieval age. The importance of this painting can be seen by the fact that Leonardo placed a sketch of himself on the extreme left of this painting. The white clothing given to baby Jesus is to show pure hearts.

It is a no-brainer that having an oil-based custom painting of the adoration around Christ will bring a sense of faith and assurance of God. To elevate and reignite the emotions, 1st art gallery provides professional artists to do justice to these paintings. 

Originally this painting did not serve the purpose of the depiction of Saint John the Baptist and was hence repainted several times in the 17th century to pass off as Bachus. Since the original was based on sketches by Leonardo, it makes this work a masterpiece.

The somber mood of the man sitting on leopard skin is well depicted. This historical well-fashioned sitting pose with a finger pointing elsewhere is visionary and captured aesthetically. The darker shades on the tree and the skin add to the portrait form of imagery, blurring the environment.

This forward-thinking paintwork can easily pass off as a fashionable statement in any household. It creates a sense of style and understanding of world culture. It elevates the suave and sophisticated side of the owners.


Whether Leonardo started or finished or left a painting incomplete or whether his work was redone by others, even the slightest of his brushstroke makes any painting a masterpiece.  You can find the reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci paintings at the 1st Art Gallery. Their understanding of art, frames, and customers is unparalleled. A visit to their website is worth it.