The biggest wins in Mostbet

In ground-based PPS, bets are placed on popular sporting events, as well as on changes in weather conditions and the location of aircraft. Mostbet uses advanced technologies that meet the modern standards of the betting industry.

The company supports Turkish athletes and various sports federations. To date, the company operates more than 350 ground-based betting points. The specialists of the analytical department of this bookmaker have been studying the experience of other countries that are leading the market for a long time, which made it possible to create a unique product for Turkey. Mostbet PPS is an automated complex that combines a betting area, a sweepstake and many other services. Both classic bets offered by the Prematch line and Live bets are accepted. The main Prematch line contains a large number of events and selections. Live bets can also be placed on almost any event that other bookmakers can offer.

Online activities

The Mostbet bookmaker’s website is exclusively informative. Now it does not accept interactive bets, and there is no possibility of registration. Also on the Mostbet website you will not find information about the coefficients and events that the line offers. There is also no possibility to place Live bets, as well as information about the results of sports events. It is worth noting that the site’s platform provides for the possibility of making interactive bets, and in late 2016 – early 2017, the bookmaker will become a full-fledged representative of online betting. Such changes may entail some changes in the bookmaker’s work and shift the focus of activity in the other direction. For example, the appearance of bets on types of events that are not yet represented in the bookmaker’s line is not excluded.

The bookmaker Mostbet on its website offers to get acquainted with bets based on the coordinates of aircraft and bets based on data from meteorological stations.

Bets on aircraft coordinates

Mostbet bookmaker allows you to place bets in real time (Live line) on events based on the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of aircraft. The results of events are combinations of numbers obtained by arithmetic changes in aircraft parameters. The following rules are used to get the results of A1 – A35 Events:

  1. The exact values of the parameters (longitude and latitude coordinates) of 30 aircraft are used. They form a unique numerical value that is included in each information package (hereinafter referred to as the event).
  2. Unique numerical values are generated based on data from 47 aircraft. The data comes from public sources (AirNav or FlightAware) in accordance with the contract.
  3. The time of receiving the exact coordinates from the first of the 47 aircraft is considered the time of the beginning of events. The data from them is used to create unique numerical values.
  4. The time of receiving coordinates from the last of the 47 aircraft is considered the time of the event. The data from them is used to create unique numerical values.
  5. The values of the exact coordinates of latitude or longitude at which the aircraft were located at a certain moment are used as source data for events.

The results of Events A1-A35 are calculated by three methods:

  • Method 1: a sequence consisting of 15 numbers is the outcome of the event.
  • Method 2: A ball of red or black color is the outcome of the event (for “Express Bet” betting).
  • Method 3: A number with a value from 1 to 9 is the outcome.

The results of Events A37, A41, A42, A43 are obtained from the calculation using a single method:

  • Method 4: A sequence consisting of 70 numbers is the outcome of an event.

The results of Event A44 are calculated by a single method:

  • Method 5: One number with a value from 0 to 36 is the outcome of the event.

The results of Event A45 are calculated by the following methods:

  • Method 6: A sequence of 6 numbers is the outcome.
  • Method 7: A ball of black or red color is the outcome of the event.