Interesting Facts About The Filipino-American War

This point of time has been significant to the Philippines and the United States of America. The initial conflict between Spain and the United States had resulted in the fateful war between the Filipinos and Americans that eventually formed a  long relationship that lasts for a century.

Let’s try to look back into some of the interesting facts that happened in the war between the Philippines and America and the major decisions that changed the course of recent history.

The Philippines is the First Asian Country to be at War with America

The war between the two countries broke out on February 4, 1899, and ended on July 2, 1902. Although America has been honed by war with the European countries for centuries, this was their first to be at war with an Asian country.

The Philippines is the Only Asian Country that America Colonized

After the signing of an agreement on the 1898 Treaty of Paris that put an end to the Spanish-American War, Spain was obliged to surrender all claims of sovereignty to formerly colonized countries that include Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

America Bought The Philippines Together with Other Spanish Ruled Countries

With the effectiveness of the agreement on the Treaty of Paris, America bought the Philippines from Spain for 20 million dollars.

Manila Fell to the Hands of America in a Bloodless Battle

Spanish Governor Fermin Jaudenes wanted to save his honor of incoming defeat against the Filipino insurgents, so he secretly arranged a mock battle against the American troops to show his staged defeat. After the show directed by Jaudenes, Americans entered Manila and occupied it while Filipino insurgents were still in control of the rest of the country.

War Broke Out After an American Private Fired the First Shots

The more than 3 long-year war between the Filipinos and Americans broke out simply because of the first shots made by an American private to an infringing group of Filipino insurgents passing by. The American private was later known as William Walter Grayson, who made the shot at San Juan Bridge in Santa Mesa Manila.

General Commander of The Philippines Murdered by Comrade

During times of war, this could be one of the most tragic things that could happen within your army. If your general commander got killed in battle by an opposing troop, that’s bad news. But, if your general commander got killed by a comrade, well, that’s worse. Philippine General Antonio Luna was murdered on June 5, 1988, by fellow Filipino troops under orders from Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo. There were said to be internal conflicts between the two leaders that grew into jealousy and distrust by Aguinaldo.

Indigenous Philippine Scouts Aid American Army to Capture Aguinaldo

The next worst thing that could happen when you are at war is to have your own country’s native scouts betray you as their leader. The Macabebe Scouts, usually known as the Filipino-Spanish scouts that formerly served the Spaniards, have turned their loyalty to the Americans. These native scouts have been the key weapon of the Americans against the Filipino insurgents and capture Aguinaldo within the deep forest mountains of the Philippines.

Aguinaldo Swore an Oath to Accept Authority of America Government

Wars are usually ended when the leader of a nation got killed, surrendered, or captured. In this case, Aguinaldo was captured by the Americans in Palanan, Isabela, with the help of the Macabebe Scouts. He swore an oath to accept authority and pledge allegiance to the American government on April 1, 1901.

American General Forced to Retire After Brutal Retaliation to Civilians

Insurgencies are usually common after a forced occupation of a country. Minor insurgencies broke out in different parts of the Philippines after capturing Aguinaldo. However, an American general brutally retaliates against Filipino civilians and insurgents after murdering some American troops under his command. The American General was known as Brig. Gen. Jacob F. Smith was forced to retire by the US Court-Marshall after killing thousands of civilians in the Philippines.

Tenfold Higher Casualties of Civilians than Filipino Combatants

The outcome of the 3 long-year war between the Filipinos and Americans was devastating. The Filipino combatants that were killed had an estimated count of 20,000 men. But sadly to say, a greater count than the ones engaged in battle were the civilians that had an estimated amount of 200,000 individuals.