Characteristics of Spanish Colonial Architecture in the Philippines

Characteristics of Spanish Colonial Architecture in the Philippines

Architecture in the Philippines hails from centuries-long of absorbing influences from its colonizers. Being under the Spanish regime for more than 300 years, the Spanish colonial period brought a huge impact on the architectural style still seen on many structures like churches, houses, government buildings, and many others today. Here, let’s discover … Read more

Beer Brand Filipinos Enjoy Most

Beer Brand Filipinos Enjoy Most

Celebrations in the Philippines won’t be complete without the best dishes in Filipino cuisine and of course, inuman (Filipino terms for drinking sessions)! Apart from being an eating nation, Filipinos are renowned as strong and hard drinkers. Whether it’s a weekend gathering with friends, birthday parties, graduation parties, to small and big … Read more

Craft Beer Made in the Philippines

Craft Beer Made in the Philippines

Craft beers are beers produced by small-scale independently-run breweries in the traditional or non-mechanized way. They are also called gourmet, specialty, or artisan beers and focus on the overall quality and richness of the flavor compared to mass-produced beers by larger, mainstream breweries. In recent years, the craft beer community has been … Read more

Where Can You See Spanish Colonial Architecture in the Philippines?

Entrance of Fort Santiago, Intramuros

For at least 333 years, Spaniards had complete control over the Philippines. Spaniards always saw the Philippines as a milestone for the Spice Islands. It was then when Ferdinand Magellan spearheaded the first Spanish exploration of the Philippines. He steps foot on Cebu in March 1521, where at a later time caused … Read more

Who was Emilio Aguinaldo?

Revered as a symbol of democracy and freedom, Emilio Aguinaldo is a Filipino military leader and politician who played a pivotal role in liberating the Philippines. After fighting with the Spaniards, who colonized the country for over three centuries, he became the Philippines’ first president. He then led the nation in another … Read more

How Badly Was Manila Damaged During World War 2?

destroyed building in Manila after World War II

The Battle of Manila in 1945 is considered by many historians to be one of the worst and most violent battles in World War 2, as it is the second fiercest battle of urban fighting that occurred in the war, with Stalingrad being the first. Because of the crushing attacks that were … Read more

What Wars Have Been Fought in the Philippines?

Katipunan battle flag

Despite being a relatively small country, the Philippines is home to hundreds of different resources that are deemed valuable by some countries during the Middle Ages up to the present. In addition, the country also serves as the perfect gateway for other colonizing countries in the past to invade or colonize nearby … Read more