What Type of Beer is Made in the Philippines

two hands holding a beer bottle against the sunset

If there is one unique thing you need to know about Filipino socialization, it’s their timeless love for drinking. Beer drinking in the Philippines has been embedded in the very fabric of the people’s culture that no occasion or holiday goes by without a beer case or two. For most Filipinos, beer … Read more

Tips for Homeschooling When Living Off the Grid

Grandmother helping her grandchild with studies.

Living off the grid is more than living a sustainable and self-reliant life. It needs a lot more thinking and planning than you may have thought, as your lifestyle will also affect your kids’ education as well as your parenting techniques. So the question is, how can you maintain good homeschooling and … Read more

Top 5 Underrated Da Vinci Paintings

the battle

Art has been instrumental in creating and destroying narratives. It has been at the center of debates, arguments, and an insatiable passion to delve and discover more. Leonardo Da Vinci is a name to reckon with in the art world. His mastery of the sfumato technique and ability to create mesmerizing and … Read more